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The Publisher "Myrtel Verlag": With a qualified team of developers Myrtel Verlag has set its publishing goal to develop holistic learning concepts out of practice for practical classes, linking the learning content with language, music and movement.

The many helpful suggestions of teachers manuals and clearly structured, differentiated school material is developed according to the latest scientific findings. Thus, the learning concepts provide proven success and a better learning outcome than similar school materials. Through this relief in preparing lessons such innovative materials are as well suitable for new entrants as to support working with inclusive learning groups.

The Learning Concepts "Myrtel und Bo", "Matto, der Wattwurm" and "Dinos DaZ- Programm":

"Myrtel und Bo", "Matto, der Wattwurm" and "Dinos DaZ-Programm" are based on practical experience and conceived for practical teaching for the elementary school years one to four. They are also suited for new teachers and teachers foreign to the subject.
Music and elements of movement therapy have a special place in all concepts. The learning process is supported and sustainably anchored through movement games. Songs, which have been composed specifically for "Myrtel und Bo", "Matto, der Wattwurm" and "Dinos DaZ-Programm" integrate a thematic connection with memorization, which is characteristic to the multi-sensory learning process. Through multi-dimensional learning strategies, the concepts are inter-disciplinarily created, thus containing a connecting aspect of all school subjects within itself.


"Myrtel und Bo"
In 2003, the first concept, "Myrtel und Bo" began with an officially approved pilot phase in 10 Hamburg primary schools. Because of its extraordinary success, students in many states now work with the performance enhancing system. Within one framework, "Myrtel und Bo" offers a holistic learning concept that multi-disciplinarily covers all areas of the German language subject, thereby forming a successful scholastic foundation.
Through successive concerted and interlocking elements "Myrtel und Bo" is a systematically elaborated learning concept – yet it is not rigid. The variety of means and methods used are matched to meet the individual needs of the children. The system is designed in such a way that it can be comprehensively used with a weekly plan and with different grade levels (in one classroom).

"Matto, der Wattwurm"
In 2009 the multisensory learning concept for mathematics "Matto, der Wattwurm" was born. The leading figure of the lugwurm "Matto" accompanies the children through the world of mathematics and acquires general and mathematical skills through exciting natural phenomena. The different modules of this concept build up on each other with regard to content and include on all levels both support as well as the possibilitiy of making demand on the children.

"Dinos DaZ-Programm"
In 2012 "Dinos DaZ Programm" was created due to those growing demands teachers have to cope with on workdays. It is a practice-based concept to enhance the language learning process more effectively, particularly of children with a migrant background. Leading figure is a dinosaur named Dino. Special emphasis is placed on linguistic phenomena and peculiarities of the German language, which apply to second language learners and children with special needs as stumbling blocks.

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